35 South Youth Sports Network
Rhodes To Success Inc
The Desoto Falcons

35 South Youth Sport Network

35 South Youth Sports Network provides the necessary consulting, resources and training needed to help make your youth sports leagues/teams successful.

grannys place ministries

Our mission is to be a charitable organization providing an educational mentoring program to help at-risk youth achieve academic success!

Rhodes To Success Inc. Non Profit

NFL Player Dominic Rhodes started Rhodes To Success Inc. which a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation promoting academic and athletic achievement & success.

At Virtuous Technologies Inc. we take pride in serving our community. We are offering a program to support nonprofits in their technology needs call Virtuous Knowledge a nonprofit technology company powered by Virtuous Technologies Inc. Our program will impart knowledge and assist the nonprofit companies with all technology’s needs. We will assist setup of website, social media pages, social media awareness, SEO (search Engine Optimization), tracking demographics, support and maintenance of website, also computer repairs and upgrades. Our vision is to help empower the nonprofit be become comfortable with using technology in today’s world to contact with the people they need to reach. If your nonprofit would like to apply to our program fill out the form when you've click the link to APPLY.

The Desoto Falcons

Desoto Falcons Youth Origination

The Desoto Falcons Youth Sports Organization is a Non-Profit committed to fostering a fun and safe environment for all participants.